Contribution to Mumbai

The Bombay Andhra Mahasabha & Gymkhana, a Registered Public Charitable Trust is rendering yeoman service since 1928 in the fields of Culture, Education, Literary & Social not only for Telugu people who migrated to Mumbai city from all over India but also to various other sections of the Society..

The Mahasabha had taken responsibility to spread awareness of education amongst the illiterate adult work men in the formative years and was also instrumental in setting up cultural and educational institutions of the children of migrants to enable them to preserve their own identity in Arts, Culture & Literature. It has also been a launching pad for many up coming artists and professionals.

The other activities of Mahasabha are:

  • Cultural & Literary
  • Sports & Games
  • Gymkhana
  • Health Services
  • Yoga Classes
  • Mahilasakha